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Add Barcode & RFID Scanning technology to your Fixed Asset Module

Adding barcode scanning technology to existing applications that were not originally designed to do so is a specialty of BMI Systems Group. A front end (ADCS) automated data collection system is required and typically has 3 components. There must an application on a Desktop computer that is the "traffic cop" between the portable data terminals and the Current Fixed Asset Module. This application interfaces the portable data terminals with your Fixed Asset Module for data validation. There must also be programs/functions on the Portable Data Terminals to automate normal functions when performing an inventory .Finally an interface application supplied by your Fixed Asset software vendor is required for exporting validation files into the 3rd party application and importing and posting scanned information from the 3rd party application back into your Fixed Asset Module.

BMI markets three Data Collection Systems (ADCS) that allow you to scan/inventory your fixed assets with a barcode scanner and upload and post the results of the inventory to one of fifteen Financial Management Systems that we currently interface to. One of our systems, AssetTrak ARS supports the very latest scanning technology, (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification. All of our systems are vastly superior to any manual inventory method you may be employing now. Scanning is much more accurate and takes much less time and manpower than you currently are expending.

  • Desktop - ScanIT
  • BMI's ScanIT barcode scanning program automates the inventory process if your assets already have barcode #'s assigned and you use one of the Public Sector Accounting applications that BMI interfaces to. BMI's ScanIT is our lowest cost, entry level scanning solution. Download your master asset file into the PA 520 Mobile Scanning Device programmed with ScanIT. ScanIT prompts for a Location, Dept. /Building, Room and Asset Tag #. ScanIT scans only valid asset tags that are in your host fixed asset module. ScanIT typically is used as a front end scanning system to interface with an existing fixed asset module. ScanIT exports scanned/reconciled records to a text file on your desktop PC. This file is then uploaded and posted to your fixed asset module. This solution requires that your current fixed asset module is on our business partner interface list.

    Scan-IT Desktop

    Scan-IT Desktop

  • Desktop - AssetTrakACS
  • BMI Systems Group's AssetTrak ACS barcode scanning application that automates the collection of asset inventory data when receiving and tagging an asset as well as delivering an asset. AssetTrak ACS is the solution to your problems if you are manually recording information on fixed assets such as Tag #, Serial #, etc. and typing that written information into your item master file. AssetTrak ACS prompts for Location, Dept/Building, Room and Asset Tag#. You can also convert to a new Tag # or update the Description, Make, Model # or Serial # if needed. Your Fixed Asset Module must me on the BMI supported list and also the purchase of AssetTrak ARS is required. AssetTrak ACS works in conjunction with AssetTrak ARS. It is a low cost, easy to use application to add scanning capability to increase your data accuracy when updating your Fixed Asset Module.

    BMI Systems Group AssetTrak ACS

    BMI AssetTrak ACS Desktop

  • Desktop - AssetTrakARS
  • BMI Systems Group's AssetTrak ARS is a fixed asset scanning and reconciliation system that automates the collection of asset inventory using barcode and RFID (Radio Frequency) Tags. It is designed to interface with many leading public sector Financial Management Systems Fixed Asset Modules. You export of a copy of your master assets from your FMS's Fixed Asset Module and import the file into AssetTrak ARS. You then load the file into a Mobile Scanning Device programmed with AssetTrak ARS. Master and scanned file lookups are available on the scanner to assist in the inventory process. Existing data in your FMS's fixed asset module, such as description, make, model # & serial # can be viewed and updated during the scanning process. Missing and new assets can display on the scanner when leaving a site/location. Reports can be generated from the Mobile Scanning Device or the AssetTrak ARS application on a desktop computer to assist in the reconciliation process once all assets have been scanned and reconciled in AssetTrak ARS. Your updated asset information is then exported from AssetTrak ARS and posted to your FMS's Fixed Asset Module utilizing the required interface program supplied by the software vendor of your Financial Management System.

    BMI AssetTrakARS Desktop

    BMI AssetTrakARS Desktop