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Eliminate manual data entry errors; speed up receiving and tagging of new assets

The receiving and tagging of fixed assets as they are entered into your Fixed Asset Module is a labor and time intensive job prone to transposition errors. If an asset has a serial number that has to be recorded with the asset tag number then that transaction involves reading, writing, reading again and typing approximately 5 characters for the tag number and approximately 15 characters for each serial #. That means that every asset tag that is entered into your system involves 60-80 characters of data that has to be eventually typed correctly for each asset record. Tough job to do!

  • Desktop - TransTrak PPC
  • BMI Systems Group's AssetTrak ACS barcode scanning application that automates the collection of asset inventory data when receiving and tagging an asset as well as delivering an asset. AssetTrak ACS is the solution to your problems if you are manually recording information on fixed assets such as Tag #, Serial #, etc. and typing that written information into your item master file. AssetTrak ACS prompts for Location, Dept/Building, Room and Asset Tag#. You can also convert to a new Tag # or update the Description, Make, Model # or Serial # if needed. Your Fixed Asset Module must me on the BMI supported list and also the purchase of AssetTrak ARS is required. AssetTrak ACS works in conjunction with AssetTrak ARS. It is a low cost, easy to use application to add scanning capability to increase your data accuracy when updating your Fixed Asset Module

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