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Add Barcode Scanning technology to your Inventory Module

Adding barcode scanning technology to existing applications that were not originally designed to do so is a specialty of BMI Systems Group. A front end (ADCS) automated data collection system is required and typically has 3 components. There must an application on a Desktop computer that is the “traffic cop” between the portable data terminals and the Current Inventory/Warehouse module. This application interfaces the portable data terminals with your Inventory module for data validation. There must also be programs/functions on the Portable Data Terminals to automate normal functions in a warehouse. Finally an interface application supplied by your Inventory/Warehouse software vendor is required for exporting validation files into the 3rd party application and importing and posting scanned information from the 3rd party application back into your Inventory/Warehouse Module.

  • Desktop - CollectIT
  • BMI's Collect-IT is designed to interface with Public Sector Stockroom Inventory modules, barcode printers and BMI's Collect-IT mobile scanning applications. Receiving, issuing and inventory functions are automated and extremely efficient with the use of barcode scanning. Collect-IT can interface directly with your Stockroom tables via an ODBC connection on the front end to populate the matching fields in Collect-IT with up to (10) fields of current data. Valid data such as the Purchase Order #, Product Code, Order ID and Warehouse is synced to the Collect-IT application on the mobile terminal via a USB connection, a wireless 802.11 b/g connection or a GSM/GPRS/EDGE mobile broadband connection. Using a portable terminal with data validation eliminates most human errors and increases productivity. Collected data can be reviewed and edited prior to exporting, uploading and posting into your Inventory/Warehouse module.

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    Collect-IT (PDT) Main Menu