BMI has been a game changer since day one
Gary Briggs - Owner of BMI Systems Group

Gary Briggs

For over 30 years, BMI Systems Group has designed and installed innovative solutions that consistently perform well in real world situations. Our products are in 48 of the 50 states, and are used by School Districts, Counties, Cities and businesses small and large. With our experience, and attention to customer satisfaction, we believe that BMI is well prepared to service your organization’s individual requirements.

BMI Systems Group specializes in Fixed Asset scanning, Stockroom/ Warehouse scanning and Photo ID printing systems that interface with many popular Financial and HR Student Management Software applications for the Public Sector. We also market many stand-alone scanning and printing systems for various applications.

BMI Systems Group is a full service systems integrator specializing in creating and selecting software, supplies, procedures and hardware for automated data acquisition and data management. We have built our reputation by developing and marketing reliable and cost effective data collections systems designed to work in conjunction with your organization’s current software applications.

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