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  • RFID scanning available
  • Custom applications available
  • One stop for all your barcodes
  • Amazing tech support
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Welcome to BMI

So you want to use a portable scanning technology to automate the receiving and/or inventory of your fixed assets but you're not sure where to start? You've come to the right place! For over 25 years, BMI has been providing “front end” Automated Data Collection Systems (ADCS) that interface with many popular Public Sector Fixed Asset Modules. We also offer complete Automated Data Management Systems (ADMS) for asset tracking if you want to manage assets/equipment that are not currently in your FMS’s fixed asset module.

BMI has recently expanded our Automated Data Collection Systems (ADCS) product offering to include our CollectIT barcode printing and scanning system for automating receiving, issuing and counting items in a warehouse environment. Our system is designed to interface with popular Public Sector Inventory/Warehouse Modules.

There's a good reason for our success. We not only help you scan and track your items, but we also allow you to leverage your existing investment in whatever system or database you currently have in place. This sets us apart from the other scanning solutions in the market.

Scanning a barcode or RFID tag is one thing. Getting it to your ERP system once it's scanned is our thing. We do it best! Through a cleverly designed collection of applications, BMI delivers where other products fall short. We seamlessly interface with 15 of the most popular Public Sector Financial Management Systems in the market today.