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  • Supports most popular inventory modules
  • Affordable, rugged, and very simple to operate
  • Customizable data fields
  • Supports most popular inventory modules

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BMI's ScanIT barcode scanning program automates the inventory process if your assets already have barcode #'s assigned and you use one of the Public Sector Accounting applications that BMI interfaces to. BMI's ScanIT is our lowest cost, entry level scanning solution. Download your master asset file into the PA 520 Mobile Scanning Device programmed with ScanIT. ScanIT prompts for a Location, Dept. /Building, Room and Asset Tag #. ScanIT scans only valid asset tags that are in your host fixed asset module. ScanIT typically is used as a front end scanning system to interface with an existing fixed asset module. ScanIT exports scanned/reconciled records to a text file on your desktop PC. This file is then uploaded and posted to your fixed asset module. This solution requires that your current fixed asset module is on our business partner interface list.

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Scan-IT DataSheet  Scan-IT DataSheet 
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